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The Exams

ACT-SAT Concordance This document was developed as a joint effort of the College Board and ACT. It provides a rough equivalency between the scores on the two exams that is used by many colleges.  Accordingly, it provides a useful guideline for those of us on the other side of the admissions process.

SAT vs. ACT Test Wars: First August Test Has Students Scrambling The wording of the headline in this August 6, 2017 Newsday article is as clear a demonstration of the unhelpful hype and undue pressure associated with these exams. Scrambling? Don't scramble. Prepare calmly for the exams.

The article also discusses the number of students taking the exam in other states. Unless your schedule and/or circumstance demands it, I recommend that you wait for a test date that involves a minimum of travel and stress. Beyond the hype is some useful information about the nature of these exams, and the fact that they in fact are businesses in competition with one another. Also, the article includes criticisms of the exams from the anti-testing organization FairTest.

In the end, take whichever exam(s) suits you and your admission situation. The competition between the companies shouldn't deter you from making the decision that is best for you.

The College Board This page on the massive College Board site is the starting point for those interested in taking the SAT's. It provides tools for registering for the exam online, viewing your score report electronically, and basic information such as test dates, deadlines, and information on how to contact the CB directly.

The ACT Exam This exam, once dominant in only the areas of the nation between the Rockies and the Mississippi River, has become increasingly popular on the east coast.  For many students, this exam is fairer, and as a result, an easier exam on which to achieve a high score. This site includes the same kind of information as is found on the College Board site, but of course, as it relates to the ACT.

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