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Trig Help

For the most part, the SAT and ACT exams cover familiar ground. However, there are a handful of Trigonometry questions on each exam. For those students who are nervous about this, the two following links should prove helpful:

Math Warehouse: Sin, Cosine, and Tangent Part of a larger site, Math Warehouse, this page in particular reviews the fundamentals of these basic trig concepts. Don't sweat it---as much as this page may seem to skim the surface, it goes further in depth than is even necessary for the purposes of the ACT. Remember that most ACT SOHCAHTOA problems involve simple substitution. Master the concepts here, and you'll be fine!

Mathwords: Logarithm Rules Again, this page is one small part of a larger site ( designed to help students review Math concepts. This page covers the basic rules associated with logs, and goes as far as you'll need to for the purposes of the ACT's. Just bear in mind that a log is simply another way of expressing an exponent.

AlgebraLab: Unit Vectors This way of expressing coordinates is found sometimes on the ACT. has many pages on the site that help students to review important Math concepts.

Calculator Policies

The SAT and ACT exams are governed by very similar policies. In short, almost all basic, scientific, and graphing calculators are acceptable. Only those with a QWERTY keyboard or wireless capabilities are prohitibited. The specific policies and lists may be found at the following links:


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