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Admissions Essays-
The Personal Statement

An important part of the admissions process, the personal statement is an opportunity for the applicant to let individuality shine.  A skilled tutor will help students brainstorm ideas, steer them towards ideas that best demonstrate what makes them most valuable to the schools, and provide guidance toward a finished product in the student's voice.


In today's test-optional environment, a well-crafted personal statement can be all the more helpful to a student seeking admission to his or her school of choice.  

I look forward to speaking with you about a plan to help your child craft an essay that best shows off to schools that which makes him or her unique.  


A truly personal statement. 

Helpful Links

Common App Essay Prompts These were the prompts for 2022-23, and they remain unchanged for the Class of 2024. While prompt 7 leaves room for any topic you wish, it's advisable to avoid a discussion of Covid-related issues. There is a separate area on the app to address such ideas, which is all the more reason to not go there in the main personal statement. 

Coalition App Essay Prompts The other main application that brings together many schools under one banner.  Given that prompt 6 here is open-ended in the same manner as that of Prompt 7 in the Common App, a personal statement used for one may be also applied to the other.  Of course, this is not entirely true of the supplemental essays for each school. 

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