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Special Needs Tutoring

As an educator with decades of experience and a parent of a special needs student, I have a wealth of experience and a wellspring of knowledge and understanding of how to work with students with varying needs.  This includes helping students succeed on the standardized admissions exams, essays, and in Social Studies classes.


Regardless of classification, every student has different strengths, weaknesses, and areas on which to focus. Teachers are there to help each student find the key to unlocking their potential. Every student can be taught in the way that best suits that student's learning style.  


Please don't hesitate to discuss with me the particular concerns you may have about what needs to be done to knock obstacles out of your child's way, whether it's advice on how to get the College Board® or ACT® to make the proper accommodations, a new approach to understanding the exams or Social Studies work, or anything in these areas that can lead to a more beneficial experience.   

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