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Terms and Conditions

Tutoring may be done via a remote platform such as Zoom or Google Meet.


By using our services, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. If you are a minor's parent or legal guardian, you agree to these Terms on behalf of yourself and your child(ren), who are authorized to use our services. If you disagree with these Terms, do not use our services. In New York, any person under 18 is considered a minor. Laws may differ in your jurisdiction.


Per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, using an online platform to use our services for a child under age 13 is pursuant to the consent of a parent or guardian. You reserve the right to revoke this right at any time, at which time we will discontinue our service.


Parents of children aged 13 and under understand that children will likely provide personal details related to their academic development or daily life to their tutor. Any information communicated will be treated as confidential and privileged information. Any information deemed troubling or concerning will be communicated to the parent or guardian as soon as possible.


Parents of children aged 13 and under receiving tutoring remotely understand that we use a 3rd party platform, i.e., Zoom, to conduct our tutoring sessions. Please refer to the 3rd party platform’s terms and conditions available on their website for information relating to their specific platform. Long Island Test Prep is not responsible for the terms and conditions of 3rd party websites and services. Long Island Test Prep is not responsible for the remote services' availability or connection quality.

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