Social Studies Help

With a Bachelor of Arts in History from SUNY-Binghamton, a Master of Arts in American History from SUNY-Albany, and 29 years of classroom experience as a Social Studies teacher and as a tutor, I'm ready to help you succeed in your Social Studies classes.  

I've taught all subjects 9-12 in my years at East Meadow High School, including Global 1 and 2, U.S. History, Government and Economics, and A.P. Government.  

Along with reviewing content, I help with week-to-week concerns such as:

  • note-taking

  • studying techniques

  • organizational skills


New York State Social Studies Framework This is the main curriculum guide from New York State. This provides the guidelines for us to follow in the classroom to be sure that we are covering the same basic topics and skills that are expected in the day-to-day class and on the Regents exam. 

U.S. History and Government New Framework Exam This page offers the most up-to-date information on the New Framework exam being introduced in June 2021. 

Global History and Geography Regents Exams This page holds the archive of the Global exams that have been given since the transition to the New Framework began in June 2018. 

Timeline For U.S. Regents Transition This document from the New York State Department of Education details the changes in the schedule for the deployment of the New Framework Regents exams.  In short, schools will have the option to administer the exam in the old format up to and including June 2021.

Check with your district to confirm which exam they intend to use.  


And yes, as of now, the state has said nothing concerning the exams, so we have to operate under the assumption that they are going forward until and unless the state makes some sort of announcement.